Adelaide Carta

.designer bio

Adelaide Carta, Sardinian fashion designer born in 1988, has immediately the need to find an eco-sustainable artisanal solution that does not sacrifice the contemporary and sophisticated style of its accessories and does not lose sight of the quality of Made in Italy.

From this momentum, in 2014 was born the brand Adelaide C., whose signature is the innovative use of cork and other natural materials such as pinatex and wood, combined with sustainable sports materials, which, season after season, is renewed with increasingly innovative processes. Adelaide C. has obtained all the certifications for ethical fashion (Animal Free-LAV, Fur Free Retailer and PETA) and has been selected to participate in the Showcase for emerging talents of Altaroma from 2018 to today, at Helsinki Fashion Week, World’s first fashion week 100 % Eco-sustainable. Selected in the September 2020 edizone by Mipel, with the intent of the innovative startup section. From September 2019 to January 2020 she was chosen to exhibit her project at the first biennial of design in Porto, Portugal, as an example of a brand that has been able to innovate through its traditional and its origins. In the 2021 March, presents on the L’officiel Italia, in a special about vegan brand weared to the model Cristal Breil, shouted by Paul Epson