We are your special hands

and we realize tìyour fashion dreams

Sustainable and innovative fabrics

Each accessory is designed and created with a deep respect for the environment, with seriousness and professionalism, taking care of every fundamental aspect to the realization of your idea. Every step of the production chain, is aimed at optimizing all the resources used, safeguarding the planet, and saving every precious element used. We design with 4 hands, and together we concretize your dreams, mixing ethics and aesthetics, to guarantee you an innovative product in every phase of its realization, from the creative process, prototyping to the final production.

Our production process

The quality lies in the detail

Attention to detail is the added value, which guarantees beauty and timeless quality, for a finished product that does not need to be explained.

High manufacture

Made by real Italian hands, respected and loved. This means that our products have a greater perception than those made abroad, or a partial Made in Italy.

Private Label

We work with private fashion label, following every step, from the creative process to the final production, to make your fashion dreams come true.